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Looking toward the future, St. Vincent General Hospital District has embraced the concept of a health campus where specialists, primary care, Lake County Public Health Agency, and other health-related offices reside in the old hospital building and synergistically complement services in the adjacent, new hospital facility.

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What is Speech Therapy?

What is Speech Therapy?

What is Speech Therapy?

Communication is a critical skill, vital to learning, working, and other daily interactions. When health conditions impact communication, a person called a speech-language pathologist or speech therapist can help. In this evolving healthcare specialty, speech therapists can teach patients how to manage speech clarity, comprehension—and mechanical aspects that impact communication—as well as chewing and swallowing.

Adults may need speech therapy after a stroke, traumatic accident, brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, head and neck cancers, or other physical impairments or surgery that changes their ability to use language or their ability to swallow.

At St. Vincent Health, Holly Kosanovich, MS, CCC-SLP, is the clinician that helps patients with speech and languages needs. Through the American Speech and Hearing Association, Holly earned her Certificate of Clinical Competence for Speech-Language Pathologists (CCC-SLP), which requires completion of a rigorous training program that includes academics, clinical experience, a national exam, and an internship.

Holly has a variety of experience working with individuals of all ages in many clinical settings including acute care, outpatient rehab, cancer centers, skilled nursing, home health, and pediatrics. She has published research at the graduate level and has taught various courses in speech and acoustic science and phonetics. She has mentored students in the area of speech and hearing sciences and enjoys sharing her knowledge and love for the field.

Her specialty practice includes treatment of a variety of disorders through voice rehabilitation and swallow rehabilitation, including various vocal pathologies, head and neck cancer, and neurological conditions. To learn more or make an appointment, call St. Vincent Health Physical Therapy at 719-486-7180. Appointments with Holly are available via telehealth.

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