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The Centura Health telehealth program enables individuals to have direct physician interactions that are remarkably similar to an in-person visit with a physician. It allows real-time simultaneous connectivity among multiple people, including physicians, nurses and the individual who is in need of care.

Together with our community partners, we are committed to supporting efforts to deliver quality care that’s close to home. 


Telehealth benefits for consumers and providers:

  1. 1)  Keeps consumers and their families close to home with specialty services offered locally.

  2. 2)  Enhances coordination and quality of care.

  3. 3)  Provides access to chronic disease management.

  4. 4)  Transmits real-time patient data and images to providers.

  5. 5)  Reduces travel burden and costs. 

Services offered at St. Vincent Leadville Medical Clinic:

St. Vincent Telehealth Providers


Dermatology (start date TBA)
Post Breast Surgery

Thoracic Surgery (start date TBA)






Tele-neurology Infectious Disease 


Critical Care, Pulmonary & Sleep Assoc. Prof. LLP 303-951-0600

Asarch Center for Dermatology, Laser & Mohs Surgery 303-761-7797

Dr. Chambers/Centura Health Physician Group 720-321-8092
Dr. Cross/Centura Health Physician Group 303-223-6949
Dr. Khosla/Centura Health Physician Group 719-557-8600
Dr. Lemis/Centura Health Physician Group 970-668-9772 





Neurologists (Partnering 

Providers) Western Infectious Disease 


Frequently Asked Questions:

What is telemedicine or telehealth?

Telemedicine is live videoconferencing. There will be a medical assistant or nurse in the clinic room with you during the visit.  The M.A. or nurse will assist the provider during the appointment.  The  M.A. or nurse assists the physician with medical peripherals, such as a stethoscope or exam camera during your visit.


Will someone assist me during my visit?

Yes, a clinical practitioner will be in the room with you during your visit. The medical assistant or nurse assists the doctor during your visit. Based on the needs of the physician a clinician may leave the room for a portion of your visit.


What if I need to get any tests?

Your test will be ordered to be completed at your local hospital when the test is available locally.


Can I still get my prescription if I do a telemedicine visit?

Yes, your prescriptions will be electronically prescribed to your local pharmacy. Please confirm your preferred pharmacy when you check in for your appointment.


Do I need to get prior authorization or pre approval for telehealth / telemedicine from my insurance?

Yes, it is always advised to get prior authorization or pre approval for telehealth / telemedicine from your insurance company that the service is a covered benefit.


Is there an extra cost for telemedicine?

No, there is no added fee. Please note you will receive two bills, one from St. Vincent Leadville Medical Clinic for any technical fees and a bill for your professional physician services from the physician’s office. Copays may not be collected at the time of appointment, instead your copay may be billed by your insurance.


Who do I contact to set up the appointment?

You will contact the specialist office or you will be referred by your primary care doctor. Please ask St. Vincent Leadville Medical Clinic for a complete list of specialty services available in your community and contact information to schedule your appointment.


Do I need to bring anything to the appointment?

It is best to have all your paperwork completed in advance and returned to the specialist office. The same contact information that is used to schedule your appointment. If you have any lab, xray, imaging or other tests that need to be available to the specialist, please ensure you have spoken with the specialists office staff to make sure this information has been collected and received in advance. It is important to ensure the physician has all the information they need to conduct your visit via telemedicine.