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St. Vincent Hospital Imaging
UltrasoundOur Imaging Department offers convenient and minimal wait times for scheduled appointments.We provide rapid test results to your provider and top-notch customer service.




► Ultrasound:     Very high-frequency sound waves produce an image of many of the internal structures of the body, This procedure is painless and produces very precise images of certain parts of the body. We offer OB, Abdominal Imaging, Vascular, AV Fistula surveillance/assessment, vein mapping, etc.


► CT or CAT scan:     A specialized X-ray machine produces computer-generated images that look like slices which are cross sections of the body parts and internal organs.     
► X-Ray:     An X-ray is a short, painless exam that produces images of your bones and other structures inside the body.  
► Digital Mammography:    A mammogram is an X-Ray of the breast used to screen for breast disease.
► Bone Density Scan (DEXA Scan):   Is a scan that measures bone mineral density. Is a tool to detect Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a medical condition that causes bones to become weak and brittle and commonly results in a fracture in the spine, hip or wrist.
For your convenience, you can typically schedule your Mammogram and Dexa scan on the same day.      


For an appointment, please call 719-486-7153.

Walk-ins are welcome for X-rays, with a doctor’s order.