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Our Mission                                                                                                                                                                      Through service, outreach, and development, St. Vincent Hospital Foundation champions the highest level of healthcare in Lake County and beyond.


Promoting access to healthcare in Lake County, Colorado is a mission we embrace. The history of St. Vincent Hospital is one of community priority and pride since 1879. As the hospital moves forward under the management of Centura Health we are committed to supporting the hospital’s long-standing tradition of ensuring a healthy future for our friends, families, and community in Lake County, Colorado.



Funding Priorities -  2017 and 2018

St. Vincent Hospital Foundation’s (SVHF) funding priorities in 2017 and 2018 are to assist with the purchase of medical equipment for the hospital and repairing/replacing the HVAC infrastructure of the building. As a 501(c)(3) organization, we take pride in our mission of fundraising and strive to carry on our hospital’s history of caring since 1879.


To date, in 2017 SVHF has been awarded grants for a new ambulance, hematology analyzer, and a ventilator. Each award is accompanied by a cash match. SVHF works to raise the money for the match on every grant received. 


Make A Donation-  Your generosity allows us to continue to make progress towards a better tomorrow. When you make a donation to St. Vincent Hospital, you can choose the area that's most important to you. If you'd prefer not to donate online with the above Donate button, you can send your donation to SVH FOUNDATION at 822 W. 4th St. Leadville, CO 80461, or drop it off at the hospital.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

St. Vincent Hospital Foundation Board of Directors

Chairman: Robert Smith

Treasurer: Annette Medina

Secretary: Corbin Logan

Member at Large: Marlene Eisenring


If you are interested in serving on the foundation board of directors please contact us.


Recent fundraising success  

New Ambulance

Long Term Care Bus

Digital Mammography

Endoscopy station and software





The  Boom Days Committee gave six retiring volunteers $10,000 to donate to local projects in honor of their years of service to Boom Days.  The volunteers
decided that the donation would go to St. Vincent Hospital; $4,000 to the Long Term Care wheelchair accessible bus and $6,000 for the surgical suite remodel.
They are pictured from left to right presenting a check to Heidi Colley, former St. Vincent Hospital Long Term Care Manager (third from the left): Anne Marie Bradach,
Frank Bradach, Joann Cirullo, John Cirullo, Bev Ferrie and Don Ferri


Foundation Director Karen RinehartThank You!

Karen Onderdonk


St. Vincent Hospital Foundation